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A Customized Approach to Resident Services

Tailoring services to the unique needs of the community

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Since 2001, Jamboree has a proven track record for delivery of programming and resident services that benefit families and seniors and an enhanced level of supportive services for those with special needs at 35 community centers. Jamboree expands the delivery of services through innovative community service partnerships with school districts, government entities, healthcare organizations, resident groups, community alliances, social enterprises, philanthropy, and other nonprofits align for best practices and shared goals.

We build in quality housing and build up good for residents to bring out the best in our neighborhoods and communities. That’s why Jamboree’s strategy of community development is evolving to catalyze and facilitate broader community collaboration. We’re working to extend our customized, quality services beyond our own properties to make them available to surrounding neighborhoods. Relying on our expertise to connect leading agencies and organizations as well as neighborhood residents, we embark on a planning process that leverages critical resources.

How can affordable housing with services make a difference in a community?

From the outset, Jamboree’s planning process integrates design plans for housing with services. Jamboree works with each neighborhood to assess that community’s unique strengths and challenges – from income and education levels, language proficiency, and school performance to neighborhood safety, employment and service gaps – so our work builds upon those strengths and helps to address those challenges. Plus, we are investing in systems to effectively track, measure and share how these joint efforts will impact residents and the broader community. 

In many neighborhoods, Jamboree delivers directly its hallmark programs and services. These include onsite after-school programs at our family properties and enrichments services at senior properties. These best-practice models are designed to build community, provide educational experiences, and encourage healthy living for those living in a Jamboree property.

With a focus on community impact, we plan for services at the outset of the design process for each new property. Jamboree brings in as many services as the physical structure and project financing allow – all based on the needs of our residents and the surrounding community. Our commitment to build in quality resident services extends even to our rehabs of acquired or existing properties. Where there may have not been property amenities previously for services, we make room through the addition and/or repurposing of space. The goal? To create strong, healthy communities throughout California.

Jamboree’s featured community impact services model includes: