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Transit-Oriented Design

Transportation, Quality of Life and Sustainability

Highgrove Blossom walking trail around property

Jamboree understands the significance of access to community services and public transportation in building new communities. Many Jamboree communities are designed to provide access to an array of retail outlets, schools, and other services within walking distance, as research shows that living in well-designed, walkable, transit-oriented communities near public transportation can result in a range of significant health benefits.

A focus on land use that combines housing with public transportation can reduce residents’ commute time and overall reliance on personal vehicles, mitigating generation of vehicle-related carbon dioxide, a leading ingredient in greenhouse gas. It also reduces transportation expenses, making limited income more available for healthcare, education and food. Transit access is also key in connecting low-income seniors who no longer drive with public transportation to reach necessary medical services, and qualified workers with available jobs in the community where they live.

Read more about The Vital Connection: Healthy Communities and Affordable Housing in our published white paper.

Jamboree’s featured transit-oriented design properties include: