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Here's a look at some of Jamboree's latest developments. Check out how Jamboree builds quality affordable housing with services from start to finish. Learn more about affordable housing and ways to share your thoughts about these new communities.

What's Next...

Jamboree's Santa Ana Veterans Village permanent supportive housing and services for veterans

Santa Ana Veterans Village

CONSTRUCTION: Jamboree broke ground the beginning of January on its first dedicated property for veterans, and Orange County’s largest housing development exclusively for veterans. Read how Santa Ana Veterans Village will combine high quality housing with comprehensive onsite supportive services for formerly homeless veterans and their families.
What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

Who lives there? How is it different from a homeless shelter? Find out answers to these frequently asked questions and more about Permanent Supportive Housing.

ANAHEIM: Development at Manchester/Orangewood Avenues

ANAHEIM: Development at Manchester/Orangewood Avenues

PRE-DEVELOPMENT: Jamboree, neighbors, and stakeholders gathered for the first two community meetings to learn about the property design and construction schedule, and to offer feedback on the proposal for this new 102-unit affordable housing development at MANCHESTER and ORANGEWOOD. Read the agenda, discussion, notes and highlights to get the latest information.

Affordable Housing 411

04: Michael Massie

Meet Michael Massie, Jamboree Chief Housing Development Officer, whose real estate finance expertise results in new/alternative capital, funding, revenue sources for quality affordable housing development in CA.
George Searcy, Jamboree COO

Read how George Searcy, Chief Operating Officer, leads Jamboree staff that oversee activities at all our properties, including Asset Management, IT, and Community Impact.
Jose Sanchez, Jamboree Vice President, Asset Management

Discover how VP of Asset Management, Jose Sanchez, formerly of Eagle Real Estate & The Irvine Co, brings for-profit real estate & finance acumen to Jamboree’s portfolio of affordable workforce housing.
Mary Jo Goelzer, Jamboree Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Learn about Mary Jo Goelzer, Jamboree VP of Marketing & Communication, a leader dedicated to sharing marketing information about affordable housing options for workforce families and seniors.
Marcy V. Finamore, Jamboree Chief Financial Officer

Meet Marcy Finamore, Jamboree CFO, expert financial & strategic leader of nonprofit community development organization specializing in affordable housing for workforce families & seniors
Laura Archuleta, Jamboree President/Chief Executive Officer

Laura Archuleta

See why Laura Archuleta, Jamboree CEO/President, is known as an industry leader who creates market-rate quality affordable and workforce housing with community services that strengthen California cities.

The Affordable Housing Pipeline is presented by Jamboree Housing Corporation. Jamboree began with a single dream in one city: Build quality housing people can afford. Today, that dream is an expanding vision across the state of California with a corporate strategy that generates jobs, promotes healthy living, and creates supportive housing. Jamboree builds stronger communities. Learn more about Jamboree »